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About Us

It was 1994 when Nick Xhumba took his first trip to Italy. He went to visit Martina Franca one of the most qualified manufacturing pole in Italy. After many years of learning from his father Evangelos, a furrier in Greece he wanted to visit Martina Franca which since decades has been renowned for its sartorial tradition in manufacturing outerwear – capispalla. That’s where the Di Bello brand was born: a high quality product both for materials and tailoring. At the start Di Bello offered women’s and men’s lines manufactured with fabrics like mohair, alpaca, cashmere & wool. From the beginning the special focus was on the combination of high quality product, wear ability, care of details and cutting that is typical of Made in Italy product. In 1999, after a trip in Empoli (Florence), a well known center of leather manufacturers in the world, Nick decided that the future for Di Bello was connected with the leather & sheepskin shearling. Since then Di Bello has been manufacturing the leather & sheepskin shearling jackets in Empoli (Italy). The search of quality starts from the raw materials, using the best lamb skin and sheep skins carefully selected and exposed to a strict quality control. Our Suede, Nappa & Merino sheep skins come from well known tanneries from Fucecchio (Florence), Solofra (Avellino) and Barcelona (Spain). At the present Di Bello offers women’s and men’s lines in Suede, Lambskin nappa, Sheepskin Shearling, Goose down Leather & Cloth jackets. Research into new tanning technologies and the refinement of finishing techniques, now unmistakable, have permitted Di Bello of getting a great success and distinguish itself in the American market. Di Bello lines are well represented at some of the highest end, famous clothing stores from New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Columbus, Chicago, Omaha, Vail, Aspen, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Indianapolis and many more.

Our Lines

Di Bello offers women’s and men’s lines in these material.

Fair & Events

PROJECT, Men’s show in NYC, January 20-22, 2019

ILOE, Fur Fair, Chicago, April 14-16, 2019

COTERIE, Women’s show in NYC, September 2019

LIBERTY FAIRS, Men’s show in Las Vegas, February 5-7, 2019

PROJECT, Men’s show in NYC, July 2019

COTERIE, Women’s show in NYC, February 25-27, 2019

LIBERTY FAIRS, Men’s show in Las Vegas, August 2019

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